Experience something TOTALLY different.  


Are you looking for an experience and not just a feel good trip?  Be part of the over 250 others that will reach THOUSANDS of people within the 6 days of ministry.  Be a part of the team that will bring Hope, Help and Healing to those who need it most.

It doesn't matter if you are a student, parent, teacher, doctor, nurse, businessman, pastor or just somebody who loves Jesus and wants to share that passion with the world, we have the perfect spot on the team for you!! 

You will experience 6 days of intense, well organized ministry to the poorest of poor who need people just like you.  From the moment you hit the ground, there is a place for you to use the skills and talents that God has given you to meet the needs of these people.  Doctors, nurses and medical professionals are definitely needed, but we need so many more.  Just as a body is made up of different parts, so is the team of Hope International Ministries.  Everybody from doctors to teenagers, nurses to construction, dentists to prayer warriors have found a purpose and place on our team and celebrate the unity in diversity.  

It's no mistake that you are reading this.  It's no mistake that you are moved with compassion to bring hope, help and healing to hurting humanity.  Christ has placed that call in each and everyone of us, a whisper that cries out for something more.  Its up to you to answer the call.  

This is where you begin.  You are a missionary to the people around and now you can be a missionary to hurting people in the Dominican Republic.  This is the next step.  You can start by sending us a note to say your interested in the 2020 trip!  You CAN make a difference in someones life.