If you have not signed up via the link and online application process, you can download this form, along with the others provided and mail them to Hope International Ministries.  If you are able to scan them into your computer, you can email them as well.  

Address:  Hope International Ministries - 4718 Rockwood Circle - N. Ft. Myers, FL 33909

Email:  kurtholthus@aol.com


Short-term Missions Outreach trips are not designed as “typical tourist vacations”. Most project sites require travel to remote areas of the world where logistical requirements for volunteers may involve unconventional modes of transportation and/or accommodations. In addition, Missions Outreach trips may contain the full range of risks and inconveniences resulting from both international travel and volunteer service: physical labor, timing delays, frustrations, surprises, etc. All are part of the improvisation and learning that occur in service trips to Third World and developing countries. Because of the circumstances involved with these trips, we want to make certain you understand that the circumstances mentioned above are a part of this type of experience. As a necessary precaution, Hope International Ministries (HIM) requires that each program participant understand and execute the following release and agreement.

Please download the payment form.  It will not only keep you on track for payments but this allows us to be able to purchase airfare, accommodations and other logistics that are needed for a trip of this magnitude.  

We know that things come up.  We know that emergencies take place and you may not be able to make it on the trip.  This will tell you what we can do to help you and how to cancel your trip.  

All the information you'll ever need...well, maybe not ALL.  This will summarize the trip details and let you know cost, travel, accommodations, insurances and what you can do on this trip.  

Each year we bring millions of dollars in medicine, healthcare products and gifts for the people of the Dominican Republic.  That is because of wonderful people like you.  We've provided a list of what we      typically give away to each guest we see.  You can download this list and pray about what God would have you do.  Some items are large and some are small but all are used to bless the people of the Dominican Republic.  

Every minor must fill out this form and have it notarized to attend our trips outside the United States. Please make sure that all forms are signed and turned in at the time of deposit.